Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Really, The Last Day of Skiing

Well we went skiing last night, at Lab and I hated it... Hard packed with little powder on top... Not for the beginner skier! I fell 3 times, and took Brian down once (Tom thinks he pushed me first ;0) One fall popped my skies off even! I feel a bruise in the making... But It's Spring time, so I don't mind the end of the ski season...

We're Snow Champs of North America
is on the cover of The Post-Standard: Total Snow Fall for Winter 2006-2007 is 129.5 (normal to date is 101.2). Along with Record Warmth: 27.7 average with normal being 25.9. Hmm, where is it today? First day of Spring and it's FREEZING out.

Bring on the sunshine and let the sap run, for Maple Syrup Breakfast is around the corner!

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niccunha said...

are you SURE?!?

with the weather in upstate new york.... you could be SKIING on mother's day.

that's a sad, sad thought.

The list of things To

  • Consider: Spring (and all it brings)
  • Do: Start that new project, or old one as the case maybe. Tackle those Stairs and Hardwood Floors lying under mounds of wall-to-wall carpet!
  • Not Do: Sweat the Small Stuff (repeat this 3x every hour on the hour)
  • Undo: all the calories from Winter. I'm off to a good start...