Tuesday, March 13, 2007



We survived Day Light Savings; in spite of the little warning. Especially seeing this became a Bush 'law' in 2005 to save on energy.

Yet, every IT shop around the global needed to update all
their Hardware and Software to make it happen.

The DST push only started this year, queuing up for it... Cost the Businesses sector a pretty penny I bet.

And leave it to Microsoft! All my MS Outlook Calendar entries gained an hour, when they had a date post 3/11/07 date; all had to be deleted and re-entered. So I missed a few appointments?!? Just another MS bug, we are used to that; aren't we?!?

Not quite on the scale of Y2K, but close... I'm sure the Financial systems not updated for DST will be missing a few $$ here and there, on account of that that lost Hour!

Plus, it left me exhausted; being robbed the hour sleep (but that's the same every year)...

Sleepy in Syracuse,

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The list of things To

  • Consider: Spring (and all it brings)
  • Do: Start that new project, or old one as the case maybe. Tackle those Stairs and Hardwood Floors lying under mounds of wall-to-wall carpet!
  • Not Do: Sweat the Small Stuff (repeat this 3x every hour on the hour)
  • Undo: all the calories from Winter. I'm off to a good start...