Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It's Rae's first blog

I couldn't stay on the outside for ever, now could I... Does it count if I post to other blogs? Even if it's my daughter's

Let's hope I can keep this blogging up...

:0) Rae


niccunha said...

i'm SO proud.

my mother, a fellow BLOGGER.


Justine said...

Very nice mom!!

The list of things To

  • Consider: Spring (and all it brings)
  • Do: Start that new project, or old one as the case maybe. Tackle those Stairs and Hardwood Floors lying under mounds of wall-to-wall carpet!
  • Not Do: Sweat the Small Stuff (repeat this 3x every hour on the hour)
  • Undo: all the calories from Winter. I'm off to a good start...